STLab s.r.l. is a company builder active in the microelectronics field.

Main goal of the company is to provide comprehensive, long-term, support for growing new start-ups and transfer research breakthroughs to social innovations. Thanks to its scientific and business international network, STLab develops and invests in multiple business ideas, bringing future entrepreneurs under its wing. The company is currently developing multiple novel devices (see “aimed innovations”), exploring different synergic ideas through structured, repeated processes related to business incubation. The company supports teams to build out those ideas and establishes the most successful ones as companies in their own right. STLab was founded in May 2020 by Dr. Camarda.

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STLab SenSiC defines its Gender Equality Plan, signing the associated letter of commitment




15/10/2021 Looking for two phD!

The two students will work on the development of Silicon Carbide sensors for harsh enviroment diagnostic (FLASH radiotherapies and fusion reactors) performing (i) modelling, (ii) fabrication, (iii) system assembly, (iv) testing&validation.

The phDs will work in a international collaboration between the university of Catania and:
(i) INFN, (ii) STLab, (iii) l’NPL (UK) and (iv) CNM (ES).
Starting 2022, deadline 15th of October!

                                                                                                                      DIAGNOSTIC OF FLASH RADIOTHERAPIES                                      DIAGNOSTIC OF NUCLEAR FUSION REACTORS


21/07/2021 new operational headquarters at CNR-IMM


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